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High-speed Railway Tunnel Construction are Assisted by Driverless Technology

CRCC Driverless Tech

first time in the world, driverless Technology innovation assists fast railroad with tunnel development. lately, the substantial wet splashing trolley with driverless tech created by CRCC was effectively appointed in Yixing, Jiangsu Province.

The framework gives a driverless answer for the Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System (CVIS). Under high-risk geological conditions, the machines can run to the assigned position independently and change to remote control activity mode after it is set up. The framework additionally applies various detecting strategies including Inertial Navigation, LIDAR, and Machine Vision, which can recognize and coordinate information effectively, and accomplish real-time reliability and seamless switching of situating data in complex conditions inside and outside tunnels.

The successful trial of the driverless Technology system of tunnel development equipment at the building site has aggregated more insight for us, and further advanced the tunnel activity towards the heading of less customized and automated development.

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