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Designing a New Project for the Safety Tunnel at Cefalù by RFI

Cefalù Safety Tunnel

In order to construct the evacuation tunnel serving the future Cefalù underground stop, along the Cefalù Ogliastrillo – Castelbuono railway widening, the Cefalù Municipality attained an agreement with the RFI.

While the bided solution, that described as technically sustainable by RFI, relates only to the escape tunnel and does not influence the station, whose position remains on the route of the tunnel currently being dug, a region with no nearby buildings, which is placed on vacant land and near the level crossing in Contrada Gallizza instead of in the immediate vicinity of civil buildings in Contrada Pacenzia, will be chosen for the new entrance to the safety tunnel. Rete Ferroviaria Italiana will draw up a new project as a variant.

For further information please visit their website.

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