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Construction of Barangaroo Station

Sydney MetroBarangaroo Station Construction Site

When the Barangaroo station opens in 2024, customers will be able to connect to Sydney’s thriving waterfront precinct with fast and dependable metro services through the first-ever railway connection provided by Sydney Metro.

Barangaroo Station, which is 27 meters below the surface, is beginning to take shape with the metro platform now in place and the platform screen doors being installed.

Two of the five lifts and seven of the ten escalators have been installed throughout the station. The installation of the sandstone wall cladding as well as all of the electrical, mechanical, fire, and hydraulic services is also progressing.

Prior to improvements that will transform the public domain, such as landscaping, lighting, bicycle facilities, and street furniture, construction on a new drainage system continues above ground.

Barangaroo Station, which is being built by contractor BESIX Watpac, has employed 2,255 workers, with approximately 200 workers present each day.

Customers will be able to travel to Martin Place Station in two minutes, North Sydney in three minutes, and Sydenham in thirteen minutes when metro services begin at Barangaroo.

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