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Concluding the Contract of Wakrah & Wukair Drainage Tunnel (WWDT) in Doha, Qatar

Wakrah & Wukair Drainage Tunnel Shaft

Considering that Wakrah and Wukair districts are experiencing significant growth, and the need for an efficient, flexible and reliable wastewater management system is vital, the Design and Build Contract for Wakrah & Wukair Drainage Tunnel (WWDT) was granted to the joint venture PHM. Due to the current speed of growth, which causes remarkable challenges for the existing drainage infrastructure hence the necessity of commissioning the 13km WWDT tunnel is undeniable.

Wakrah Wukair Drainage Tunnel Route Map

Benefiting 2 tunnel boring machines working simultaneously, this project that consists of a single tunnel with a 4.5m interior diameter is going to be constructed.

The services include:

  • Project Coordination & Interface
  • TBM Navigation Guidance
  • Survey Network Installation and Calculations
  • Wriggle Measurements and Calculation
  • Gyroscopic Measurements
  • 3D Laser Scanning & Analysis
  • NATM Works
  • Metrology Measurements – Laser Tracker Measurements
  • Pre-Cast Segment Measurements

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