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Concluding Massey Tunnel’s Engineering and Technical Contracts with £33M Value

Massey Tunnel Project Site In Greater Vancouver, Canada

In order to back the delivery of the new George Massey Tunnel, which’s budget is C$4.15bn (£2.4bn), in Greater Vancouver, Canada, Cowi has been granted one of nine contracts.

The highway 99 that is located beneath the Fraser River among the communities of Richmond and Delta, near Vancouver, British Columbia, has been cut by the George Massey.

Considering as part of the province’s Highway 99 Tunnel program, the tunnel is due to be replaced to improve mobility and capacity

Presenting technical services and conceptual level design services to advance different crossing options, engineering consulting group Cowi already served as the prime consultant for a multi-disciplinary team.

While Cowi was participated in designing and building the original tunnel, currently it is going to provide reference concepts and geotechnical underpinning for the immersed tunnel, and the next step is to oversee the removal of the original crossing and construction of the replacement, as well as planning a flood control system around the tunnel.

The gave over contracts, with a total value of C$56.7M (£32.9M), comprise of:

  • Owner’s engineering service for the immersed tube tunnel – Cowi North America (C$15M)
  • Owner’s engineering service for highway and civil works – R.F. Binnie and Associates (C$15M)
  • Archaeological services – Golder Associates (WSP) (C$2.1M)
  • Environmental services – Golder Associates (WSP) (C$14.8M)
  • Independent environmental monitor for the corridor improvement projects – Sartori Environmental (C$725k)
  • Marine navigation advisor – Typlan Consulting (C$322k)
  • Communication and engagement services for the Highway 99 Tunnel and Steveston Interchange projects – Lucent Quay Consulting (C$4.2M)
  • Hydrotechnical and river hydraulics services – Northwest Hydraulic Consultants (C$4.4M)
  • Marine construction advisor – Ram Engineering (C$202k)

Commencing environmental assessment process is the coming phase in the scheme, that includes ongoing engagement with indigenous groups and stakeholders and preparation for procurement.

According to BC minister of transportation and infrastructure Rob Fleming: “We are moving ahead with a new toll-free tunnel to replace the George Massey Tunnel, and these contracts will support the ministry’s work as we move from development to construction.”

Rob also added: “The new tunnel, along with a new Steveston Interchange and Highway 99 improvements, are being designed to improve safety, reliability, and connectivity while aligning with regional interests.”

The delivery process of the major elements, involving the eight-lane tunnel and Steveston Interchange of the Highway 99 Tunnel program is being managed by the Transportation Investment Corporation on behalf of the province’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The determined date for completion of this new tunnel is 2030.

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