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Commissioning New Load Haul Dumper by GHH

GHH New Load Haul Dumper

Being designed for underground hard rock mining, a new load haul dumper has been unveiled by mining and tunneling equipment manufacturer GHH.

With 10-ton weight LF-10 NEO is a compact loader that builds on its predecessor, the LF-10 and it has a z-link design with a tipping height of 2.5m – the maximum in its class – and suited for loading all 30-ton trucks in the market.

According to Ingo Rath, product line manager loaders at GHH in Germany: “The high breakout forces, efficient boom and bucket motion times, as well as the strong power-to-weight ratio, make the LF-10 NEO one of the best in class.”

Due to a length of 9.6m and width of 2.6m, the LF-10 NEO is compact and versatile for maneuvering in a mid-seam underground environment, while its standard bucket holds 4.6m3 or 10 tons at 2500mm width, making loading and unloading easier and more cost-effective.

“GHH installs the water-cooled Mercedes OM936 diesel engine with 240kW which is the best in the 10-ton loader size class. The large fuel tank also allows for full shift operation with no worry for refueling mid-shift and losing valuable production time,” said Rath.

Exhaust gas emissions comply with EPA Tier 3 or EU Stage IIIA on the standard machine, while EU Stage V is an option.

Considering the ergonomics, the LF-10 NEO’s operator’s compartment has been designed and using a large footbox the operator has more space and comfort, as well as good visibility.

Providing the integration of third-party equipment, the loader comes standard with safety and maintainability features such as the Proximity Detection System interface.

The machine also integrates with the electronic monitoring and digital analytics systems GHH inSiTE, providing data on machine performance and maintenance requirements and it can be tailored to customers’ specific needs.

While the operation weight of the LF-10 NEO is almost 28 tons, it achieves up to 32km/h with four-speed transmission and gradients up to 25%. It tips the 10-ton payload in 2.6 seconds.

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