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Saint-Denis Pleyel Update: the Rails of Line 14 are Laid!

Saint-Denis Pleyel Site

After the drilling of the Sarah TBM last month in the station, a new symbolic step was taken this autumn: the laying of the tracks for line 14 in the heart of the future nerve center of the Grand Paris Express.

The activity culminates on the construction site of the future Saint-Denis Pleyel station. In parallel with the development and construction work on the passenger building being done at different levels on the site, the laying of the last 150 meters of track for line 14 north, at the level of the future platforms, has been underway since the end of the summer.

Currently, the RATP teams in charge of these operations are finalizing this linear with the last rail welds. The goal is said to be extending line 14 between Mairie-de-Saint-Ouen and Saint-Denis Pleyel station by 2024.

In addition to this new symbolic progress, the tunnel boring machine Sarah, imperturbable, has made good progress in the station. She, who made her entrance last month by piercing the wall of the structure under a steel bell, is coming to the end of her shifting.

Leaving from the Agnès shaft in February 2022, the tunnel boring machine is going to leave very soon to complete the construction of the 1.6 km tunnel for line 15 East 700 m away, joining the Finot work in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine.

Sarah TBM - Grand Paris Express

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