Metro Tunnel HQ Marks a Milestone

Metro Tunnel HQ Visit

As the city back to its daily routines and laborers and customers return to Swanston Street, Metro Tunnel HQ has denoted an achievement by inviting their 200,000th guest.

The honor winning office is a drawcard for some Victorians, with data and activities that make it well known for all age gatherings. It includes a 3D city model, panoramic theater, children’s activities and giveaways – with free entry lasting through the year.

Native Artefacts are Presently in View

Before development started on Town Hall Station – one of the Metro Tunnel’s 5 new underground stations – an archeological dig occurred to recuperate and record artifacts from the site.

Native artefacts found during the dig are presently on show at Metro Tunnel HQ for short time – an intriguing opportunity to get very close with national significant things from the First Nations’ history of Naarm (Melbourne).

The things were found at the site exactly behind the Young and Jackson bar at the intersection of Swanston and Flinders roads in 2018, where the new Town Hall Station is presently being fabricated.

Visit Metro Tunnel HQ

Metro Tunnel HQ is open 7 days every week and staffed by excited, friendly individuals who love to meet guests – both new and returning.

You can find the HQ at 125-133 Swanston Street, inverse the Town Hall and away from the Town Hall Station building site. The place is open during the school occasions Monday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

Figure out more about Metro Tunnel HQ.

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