GIC – Italian Concrete Days Will Include Gennaretti Centrifugal Systems

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The Piacenza Expo Centre in Italy will host GIC, the exhibition for technologies, plants, and equipment related to concrete from April 28th to 30th.

Considering that the concrete is one of the most used materials in the construction industry, Gennaretti is aimed to adapt and integrate its centrifugal systems for ground improvement and building restoration works.

Due to its amount and its density that makes drying difficult, in jet grouting, spritz beton and special foundation work the waste material, also called spoil, poses some issues related to its management and disposal. Hence Gennaretti exerts their centrifugal systems and plants for the treatment of these cement slurries that will then be separated into dry solid and clarified water. While the first one will be easily transportable and fast-dried, the second one will be reintroduced in the process and reused for building site activities.

In order to have a closer look at their products, at GIC there will be an opportunity for you: Gennaretti will take part in the exhibition without an indoor booth, but in the outdoor area F1 where their centrifugal systems will be exhibited.

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