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The Republic of Ireland is restricting non-essential building

In the Republic, non-essential construction will end on Friday, 8 January, from 6pm

During the Republic of Ireland’s latest coronavirus lockdown, which is expected to last for at least three weeks, all non-essential building projects will be closed.

Companies will only be permitted to carry out critical maintenance or emergency repairs to homes and businesses on a call-out basis from 6pm today (8 January). This include simple electricity, coal, gasoline, plumbing, glazing, and roofing.

Just a few building projects are excluded from the restrictions, such as those for vital highway and service facilities. This include Key Health, Education and Social Housing Schemes and Major Export/FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) Building Projects, which must follow defined requirements.

In Northern Ireland, as well as in Wales, construction and construction activity continues.

The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) of Ireland said it would “press the case for a return to work when the government considers it safe to do so” and provided guidelines on the restrictions. It said it was seeking better clarification on the Irish government’s list of exemptions.

CIF urged contractors to ensure that during the country’s lockdown, all closed sites are properly guarded and protected if possible. The CIF has indicated that building contractors should review their tender agreements and the contractual arrangements under which they perform their contracts in order to ensure that they can make an argument in the case of project delays or cost changes due to success.

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