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Minneapolis to construct Central City Parallel Stormwater Tunnel

In downtown Minneapolis, the City of Minneapolis Department of Surface Waters and Sewers is planning to construct the Central City Parallel Stormwater Tunnel. It would be around 4,300 feet long and vary in scale from 9.75-ft to greater than 12-ft equal diameter in the sandstone bedrock tunnel.

At the same location as the current tunnel outlet, the tunnel would emerge into a canal parallel to the Mississippi River. In the undersized parallel current tunnel system, the tunnel will alleviate over-pressurization. In late spring 2021, tender papers will be available for construction starting in fall 2021. The valuation of the project is $50-$60 million.

An Online Project Conference is planned for 12:00 pm CST, Jan. 7, 2021. For the MSTeam Meeting Connection, please contact

Information: Department for Surface Waters and Sewers of the City of Minneapolis, Attn: Joe Klejwa, Project Manager, 1901 E 26th St, Minneapolis, MN 55404.

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