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Excavation tunnels ahead at Glenroy Station

Recently, a significant phase of mining has been finished as part of the Glenroy Level Crossing Removal Project, following nine days of hard works for the new rail excavation.

A team of over 300 workers bored a phase of the new rail trench within the rail corridor. Excavation crews along Electric Street in the north and Waterloo Road in the south placed and installed 4,000 new concrete sleepers and replaced 3km of rail track.

4,500 tonnes of new ballast have been delivered by four hundred truck loads, assisting to build the sections of track which is going to see the new rail alignment tie in with the old track. to deliver and remove materials, trucks were coming to and from the excavation site every five minutes, during peak periods.

Mining works carried on, within the old Hartington Street car park, with crews concreting and stabilizing the trench walls. In addition, the team have completed foundations for the new station concourse, ahead of excavation starting on the new station in upcoming months.

Whenever complete, pedestrians can use the station concourse to cross the train line at ground level, linking Hartington Street and Post Office Place for the first time in more than 100 years.

Construction of the rail trench is going to be carried out until October 2021.

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