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Epiroc Enhances Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence

Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence Concept

Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence is a decision support system for tunnel sites that combines asset and person tracking, planning data and work progress data. With the most recent upgrade, increasing positioning accuracy without expanding the network’s infrastructure is now simpler than ever.

Each tunneling project is unique and uses equipment from different manufacturers and generations. Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence is a technology-independent decision support system that unifies data from various technologies into a single system and establishes a new standard for tunneling.

It has already been demonstrated that customers can benefit from this technology-independent decision support system by reducing the planning time they spend and increasing the accuracy of those plans, thereby increasing productivity. Operators now have more options and the ability to report and communicate in real-time.

Andreas Karvonen, Product Manager at Epiroc, expresses, “Offering the Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence suite as SaaS (Software as a Service), as well as the ease of adding BLE beacons for position accuracy, will help tunnel contractors speed up the journey to digitalization and automation in tunneling. “Tunnel owners have a quicker path to reaping the benefits of digitalization in the form of increased efficiency, safety, and sustainability thanks to more adaptable and affordable methods for connecting assets.

The new Mobilaris Companion tag can be used to pinpoint the location of people, vehicles, and moving assets, which improves safety through reliable connectivity. Positioning is based on low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) connections to 5G, Wi-Fi, or LTE networks inside the tunnel and GPS outside. The system is connected to each tag for support and visualization. Everything is faster and more precise than ever by using compatibility with 5G and Ultra-Wide Band.

In the tunnel, Bluetooth beacons work as reference points and provide the tags with positioning data. BLE beacons are a cost-effective alternative to expanding the existing network infrastructure and are simple to install without the need for power or a connection. Beacons also support cost savings and a smaller overall carbon footprint due to their low energy consumption.

realizing that personnel is in a safe location is important in all conditions, especially during blasting, danger, or an evacuation. The Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence suite of digital solutions makes transparency and awareness available to everyone with access by providing all information in a single interface, real-time data, and superior 3D visualization.

The following software products are included in the Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence suite:
Situational Awareness, Planning, Scheduling, Emergency Support, and Productivity Analytics are all part of Mobilaris.

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