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Constructing New high-speed railway line Halkali-Ispartakule-Cerkezkoy in Turkey

New invention of the Turkish Republic Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM) is to construct a new high-speed railway line from Halkali to Ispartakule and from Ispartakule to Cerkezkoy. This projects which is going to be built in two different tenders and sections, will be placed within the region of Istanbul and province of Tekirdagand the operators of the project will be TCDD and TCDD Transport.

The intended Project will provide advantage for passenger and freight services by linking Istanbul-at the available Halkali Station- to the district of Cerkezkoy. Moreover, connecting the under-construction Cerkezkoy -Kapikule railway to form one integrated railway system with full interoperability, will be another benefit of this new line.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), collectively called the ‘Lenders’, are considering financing components of the Project, specifically the railway between Ispartakule and Cerkezkoy. The Project and this NonTechnical Summary (NTS) have therefore been developed on behalf of AYGM in accordance with these Lenders policies and requirements.

Halkali- Ispartakule, which is 9 km long and Ispartakule-Cerkezkoy with 67 km length are the subsets of this project, which together is due to provide a new 76km high speed electric rail link connecting Istanbul (at the existing Halkali Station) to a location 1 km to the east of the existing Ҫerkezköy Station (at this location it will link to the under-construction Cerkezkoy-Kapikule railway).

While the north-west part of the Istanbul and Tekirdag province are the locations of the Halkali and Cerkezkoy stations respectively, both passenger and freight trains is going to operate on the new railway.

The other sections of this project will be 9 Bridges, 2 Viaduct, 8 Tunnels, 17 Overpasses and 26 underpasses.

The methods and techniques, that is intended to be used in construction process of these tunnels, are:

  • TBM: the TBM tunnel – 5,987 m right tube and 5,968 left tube- will pass under residential areas and the proposed Kanal Istanbul project. The 8.3 m diameter tunnel (km 0+700 – km 6+678) will reach a maximum depth of 54m below sea level under the proposed Kanal Istanbul project before reemerging into a 363 m cut and cover tunnel. The tunnel will contain two high-speed tracks with one line for each direction (though bi-directional operation will also be possible, if necessary). The twin-bored tunnel tracks will be suitable for use by both conventional and high-speed trains.
  • Cut and cover: there will be 5 cut&cover tunnels along the project alignment. One of these creates the exit from the TBM-twin bore tunnel and passes underneath agricultural fields before opening into agricultural fields. This 363 m cut and cover tunnel will be suitable for use by both conventional and high-speed trains.
  • NATM: the first NATM tunnel (tunnel 4, 2425 m long) will connect to tunnel 3 (Cut&cover tunnel) and will pass underneath residential and commercial industrial areas. It will contain 2 emergency side passages. The second NATM tunnel (tunnel 5, 350 m long) will pass underneath an area of hilly terrain.

Precast concrete segments, waterproof membrane for banning groundwater intrusion and corrosion of the concrete, will be the lining type of all the tunnels. The waterproof membrane will comprise of two layers, a protective felt layer and a further Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membrane.

The determined date for opening public tender of this project is in 2021, while the construction process is due to be commenced in December 2021, and the Project becoming operational in 2026. Consenting with the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) and the Contractor Management Plan (CMP) that have been provided for the Project, will be one of the main consideration points of the Contractor all over the construction activities.

The intended Project maybe will include 3 construction compounds. It is supposed that a compound will be needed at either end of the Project, placed at Esenyurt (near Halkali) and Cerkezkoy, with a further third compound located centrally near Kabakca.

Further information about this project is accessible  here and here.

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