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BBT – New Milestone for the TBM Ida on the H41 Sill-Pfons Gorge Construction Site

Brenner Base Tunnel

In the path of the westbound line tunnel in a southerly direction, the TBM Ida in the H41 Sill-Pfons Gorge lot of the Brenner Base Tunnel is continuing its journey.

TBM Ida, which has 12m advancement per day, has completed its first 2 km of excavation on Sunday, 25 February 2024, and it is due to have to cover 8.4 km, while during the excavation process the machine is laying the lining rings, consisting of 6 concrete segments, weighing 60 tons each, plus the key.

The TBM, like its counterpart Lilia, has already passed the critical fault zone called Viggartal without any major problems.

Also the chance of production of segments directly on the construction site of the H41 Sill-Pfons Gorge, was provided by the segments factory in Ahrental, which went into operation just over a year ago.

In order to preventing almost 27,000 truck transports, manufacturing the precast concrete segments on site will be possible, which are used for the final lining of the tunnels and would otherwise transporting the segments from the factory to the construction site have been necessary. The factory has already produced 2,360 complete rings, totalling 16,520 segments.

For further details on this project please visit their website.

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