Usage of an Innovative construction technology for Muswellbrook rail bridge

The main maintenance shutdown on the Hunter Valley Rail Network, is commencing by the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) is on the 25 May 2021, using innovative new technology to construct the new Muswellbrook Bridge replacements.

Construction of the Muswellbrook Bridge replacement project is using an incremental launch process involving the eight sections of the bridge being built in phases onsite in a specially fabricated casting yard.

For starting this process, a three-day shutdown will take place from Newcastle to Ulan and while 1,200 maintenance workers will be allowed to gain secure access to the track, they will manage over 212 separate maintenance jobs across the network.

The determined plan for the first six to eight weeks of construction, is concentrating on the first section and it will be done mid to late June.

ARTC Group Executive Hunter Valley Network, Wayne Johnson, said: “The first section will take longer to complete and then the remaining seven will take around three weeks each. There are a number of benefits to using this construction technique. While it does take a little longer, it’s substantially less intrusive to the natural environment which has been identified as key fish habitat and the trees in the area are home to a significant population of protected Grey-Headed Flying-Fox.”

He continued: “This type of technique is more commonly observed in the construction of road bridges rather than rail but is good for building bridges that require large span lengths and we would utilize this process again for any future bridge projects.”

“The bridge will be built away from the construction site of the existing bridges to allow for the works to continue outside of scheduled track possessions,” added Mr. Johnson.

It is estimated that this project will be finished in June 2022.

For Further information about The Muswellbrook Bridge project or other rail works, click here.

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