The Vegas Loop: Elon Musk Takes a Step Forward

The Las Vegas Planning Commission has given expansion consent to The Vegas Loop project located in Nevada, US.

Within the coming month, the application submitted by the Boring Company will go to the Planning Commission.

The underground tunnel system comprises of alignments stretching from the north section of Las Vegas, throughout the Strip corridor, to the south at the Allegiant Stadium.

Once completed, The Vegas Loop will be linked to the Convention Centre Loop, which Musk’s company has finished earlier in May. The Convention Centre Loop is Elon Musk’s first significant breakthrough, joining the existing Las Vegas Convention Centre to its US$980M (£751M) West Hall corridor. The opening of the Convention Centre Loop is scheduled for Jan. 2021.

Electrical Tesla made vehicles will perform as “people mover” throughout the underground routes.

Visit for tweets regarding the forthcoming updates.

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