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TBM Wyspiarka Excavated More to Reach the Wolin Island!

Swinoujscie Troszyn Expressway

Already, TBM Wyspiarka has excavated 970 m beneath the Swina river for the Swinoujscie tunnel on the S3 Swinoujscie-Troszyn expressway: Wyspiarka will cover the whole riverbed of the Swina Strait in nearly 30 m. Only 500 m more and the TBM will complete drilling the tunnel entirely.

The initial works are going on at the receiving chamber on Wolin Island, where the machine arrival is anticipated for in September and where it will be disassembled.

Moreover, other works associated with the building of a new road in Świnoujście are in progress:

  • On the island of Usedom at the beginning chamber, sealing and washing of diaphragm walls are continuing. The structure is sealed near the area of the ramp.
  • Also, the final works of the ramp structure are in progress. Prefabrication of the temporary stiffening structure for the emergency exits in the tunnel is going on as well.
  • At the Slurry Treatment Plant (STP) plant, the bored material is being separated from the drilling fluid: once extracted by the machine, it goes to the plant via pipelines, and then -after cleaning – it is transported to the silting field – Then, the separated drilling fluid is recycled.
  • The construction and reconstruction of the utility network and road infrastructure on both islands are continuing.

Click here for a video.

For further information, please visit here, here and here.

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