New tunneling company formed

Peninsula Capital Management along with Lyon-based BMS have notified the creation of NFM Engineering, a company that is going to specialize in tunnel engineering and related services.
NFME (NFM Engineering) is partially connected to the former TBM manufacturer NFM Technologies in that it contains numerous former NFM engineers. Although, NFME did not obtain the former factory which would have enabled the manufacture of TBMs.
Three areas of tunneling expertise will be organized by the NFM Engineering team: the supply of cutting tools; engineering studies and onsite technical assistance; and services and spare parts.
The Areas which the team will advise clients include:
  • Refurbishment of second-hand TBMs and technical adaptations to new projects
  • Providing assistance from experienced technicians and engineers onsite, from TBM assembling to dismantling, containing site technical assistance and maintenance during TBM operation
  • Project management
  • TBM specification and feasibility studies
  • Spare parts and cutting tools
  • Commercial interfacing in France and abroad
  • Compliance of equipment with standards and codes
  • Site training
BMS, which is partnered with two other France-based companies, believes it can provide the full range of technical solutions for underground works and special foundations, containing tunneling, concrete pumping, spraying, drilling, and injection.
Jean de Saint Julien, BMS president said recently that he foresees important growth in new activity driven by projects such as the Lyon-Turin Tunnel, Grands Paris Express and the extensions to the Toulouse and Lyon metros.

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