New Sandvik simulator is designed for safer training

Thanks to the introduction of the latest Sandvik training simulator, now a safer environment is prepared for underground drill operators and maintenance teams to train. According to Sandvik, it has produced Digital Driller to improve performance in underground hard-rock drilling, whether in mining applications or tunneling.

Now the new Digital Driller family, including the DS422i, is claimed to provide advanced simulator training to improve drilling and operator performance, and to generally comfort underground operations. It is said that the Digital Driller will provide a safe, highly portable low-weight training device that can be used on site.

The purpose of the designed system is to simulate the operation of a real rig – precisely the DD422i/iE, DT922i, DL432i, DL421 and now the DS422i – using the same control system software as used on Sandvik drills. While training, the system enables operators to boost, develop and refresh their skills steadily, regardless of whether they are novice operators or conducting the whole drilling cycle. All versions of Digital Driller are fully integrated with Sandvik’s iSURE software – the drill and tunnel plan management device for accurate drilling, blasting and charging.

It is claimed that Digital Driller remarkably increase drill start-up times, and allows rig operators to be fully familiar with their machines, leading to improved productivity and efficiency. The simulated training removes equipment damage and consumption of rock tools and fuel, results in zero emissions and does not expose trainees to risk. The software provided contains a range of specific exercises for measuring and recording operator behavior.

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