An international award has given to NorthConnex Tunnel

Sydney’s NorthConnex motorway tunnel has won a prestigious award at the International Association of Lighting Designers Awards.

The Excellence Award recognizes the Sydney tunnel’s lighting which was designed not only for aesthetic reasons but also to keep drivers engaged.

Michele Huey, the Transurban NSW Group Executive said the award puts the 9km tunnel on the global map.

He stated: “Since it opened in October, drivers on our city’s newest motorway have loved driving under the lighting displays, and now the experts agree,”

“The Excellence Award recognizes lighting design that reaches new heights, moves beyond the ordinary and represents excellence in aesthetic and technical design achievement.”

She continued: “Not only has the lighting turned up the safety and experience of drivers, it has also created a recognizable brand and identity for NorthConnex.

“There are five brilliant installations, three white or blue backlit forest silhouettes in the northbound tunnel, and starry skies and speed lines heading south.”

Ms. Huey believed the radiant lighting displays were installed after extensive research to assist keep drivers alert and engaged.

She also added: “Designing not only for aesthetics but as an active safety measure has never been done like this elsewhere in tunnel environments,”

 “The partnership was years in the making, involving the Australian and NSW governments, Transurban, Transport for NSW, Austroads and the University of NSW, and involved driving simulators and the largest worldwide survey of tunnel users to examine driver behaviour.”

The tunnels are equipped with an innovative advanced LED lighting system to make sure that motorists can safely transition from bright daylight to the darker interior tunnel section.

The award also reflects the contribution of Transurban’s partners comprising Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, NorthWestern Roads Group, Queensland Investment Corporation, designers LuxPopuli and construction contractor Lendlease Bouygues JV.

About 37,000 vehicles travel via NorthConnex every day. It connects the M1 and M2 motorways, enabling drivers to save up to 15 minutes of travel time.

One of the other recent winners of the Excellence Award at the International Association of Lighting Designers Awards is the Royal Opera House in London.

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