Updating the Forrestfield Airport Link project in May

In accordance with the Transport Minister Rita Saffioti MLA announcement, the first operational trains for the Airport Line are expected to run in the first half of 2022 and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is later than the determined date. Construction works are on the home stretch and will be followed by a testing and commissioning period, as well as driver training.

The awarded budget for this project is EUR1.15 bn (AUD1.86 bn) and the expansion in the timeframe of the program did not change this amount.

While the track laying is advancing and about 17km (85%) of rail in place within the tunnels and at ground level, the main upcoming works for the project are: the installation of rail systems and signaling infrastructure, including the installation of overhead conductor rail to provide power to the trains.

The damaged section of Tunnel One during cross passage construction in September 2018, is repaired completely. In this project the same method that has been used in the London Underground (the installation of spheroid graphite iron lining has achieved the required strength, durability and water tightness) for120-year lifecycle of the tunnels is necessitate.

Further information, can be reached here and here.

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