Tallinn ring road alignment revised

The government rejected the initial construction package under Tallinn Airport. The proposed ring road from Smuuli tee to Valdeku tänav is designed to ease congestion in the Estonian capital.

At this point, traffic flow is being furthermore analyzed, but there are no updates on environmental impacts evaluations.
Above all, the design is mired in questions, whether to carry out construction work behind or under the airport. The government stated that traffic jams could be reduced by 40% by building a bypass around the airport’s back.

The applied speed limit would be 50 km/h in municipality areas such as Rae. Whereas in the rest of the bypass speed will be limited to 70 km/h.
The head of Tallinn Environment and Public Works Department, Reio Vesiallik, stated that it is not yet decided when Tallinn’s ring road project will begin due to unresolved disputes.

Source: Tunnel Talk

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