Milestone for Mumbai’s Water Tunnel Project

Patel Engineering Limited (the tunneling contractor) awaits the 3.2m diameter Terratec Open TBM’s arrival to Maharashtra’s construction site after the machine completed FAT with success.
The proposed TBM features a modular design that can be deployed and revived after finishing tunneling either through the shaft or disassembly underground.

Cutter head installed on the Tunnel Boring Machines features 18 heavy-duty back-loading disc cutters. The VFD controlled electric motors enabling the cutter head to rotate at over 10rpm with optimum torque.

The machine will be launched two times 5,350m to excavate a 2.5m diameter corridor, stretching from Amar Mahal (Hedgewar Udyan) to Trombay Low-Level Reservoir toward Trombay High-Level Reservoir.

Additionally, in order to avoid any challenges during tunnel boring, the TBM is provided with a ground supporting equipment, a fixed probe drilling unit, two rock bolting drills, and a steel arches erector.

Mumbai’s Water Tunnel Project is among numerous measures driven by MCGM toward more favorable wastewater management, especially with the population growth resulting in a decreased demand for sustainable wastewater overflows methods.

Terratec continues to dominate the Indian market after multiple metro project achievements in Delhi, Lucknow, Ahmadabad, Mumbai, and Pune.

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