Metrolinx: explore the captivating underground world

Source: Tunnel BuilderDrone captures closer looks into transportation Highways 401 and 409, leading us to what is going on under Toronto’s highways. Visit “https://twitter.com/fordnation/status/1155613907442008064?lang=en.
The proposed tunnels project will expand the underpass required for the GO Expansion program with additional tracks. While working underground proceeds (started since July 26), traffic flows under 21 live lanes without any delays or interventions.
Metrolinx agency is undertaking the most significant transportation investment in Ontario, halfway through the first tunnel. Stephanie Davies, Executive Vice President of the GO Expansion program, tweeted “Constructing under one of the busiest stretches of highway is no easy task, but by working with Toronto Tunnel Partners, we are excited to use innovative engineering techniques for tunneling that will allow us to bring more trains and more service to customers faster, giving them the service they need to get them to where they need to go.”

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