Atlanta Water Supply Project Phase II Completed

Atkinson/Technique JV achieved a breakthrough on Oct. 6th by finishing the work on Water Project in Atlanta. After the consortium secured the supply contract with Kelley Engineered Equipment (KEE) for the 2.3m diameter digger shield, TBM was delivered on-site on Aug. 15th.

Following the manufacturing and FAT at Wolf Hills Fabricators ( KEE’s trusted contractor) in Abingdon, VA, the machine started its 109m journey through mixed terrain of stiff clays, saprolite, and mylonite. For tunneling, 4 rings of linear plates were required.

Atkinson Construction’s Konner Horton was quoted as thanking KEE for “a machine that worked great and getting it done for us so quickly.”
The second phase provides a 12.9Mm³ link between the water reservoir to a new treatment plant as a solution for the water supply shortage to support the burgeoning population.

At first, the shield lowering into the shaft 9.1m in diameter took place, after which it was moved and assembled on the mining site to provide Cooper E-80 Load located beneath the CSX railroad.

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