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Successful Full-Scale Trial Cast of Fehmarnbelt Tunnel Element

Fehmarnbelt Tunnel Construction Site

A full-scale trail casting of a segment of a tunnel element at the construction site at Rødbyhavn, has been completed by the contractor consortium FLC.

In order to ensure a service life of at least 120 years for the upcoming 18km immersed tunnel among Lolland and Fehmarn, the quality of the tunnel elements has to be second to none.

Manufacturing a full-scale model of part of a segment comprising 1½ train tunnel tube 12m long, has been done by contractor consortium, Femern Link Contractors, FLC, to achieve this aim. The trial casting lasting 30 hours was then carried out under realistic conditions.

Additionally, an extra two full-scale trial castings are scheduled to be done, while testing the process, materials, and techniques, as well as gaining vital experience prior to actual casting, which starts at the end of the year, are the main purposes of the full-scale trial casts.

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