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Progress in Slovenia’s Tunnels Digging Process

Slovenia Tunnels

Tunneling over a total of 2 kilometers of tunnel pipes has been achieved by the contractors on the Second Track project at the end of the previous week.

While half of the scheduled 14 offensive tunnel sites are active at the moment, four attack sites are active on the Škofije tunnel (T8), where Kolektor CPG and Yapı Merkezi are building both the main and the service pipe on both sides. Moreover, the location of two attack active sites is on the Lokev tunnel (T1), where EuroAsfalt is building a service and tunnel pipe. The construction of the Mlinarji tunnel (T7), is up to the longest contractors of the company Yapı Merkezi, which is being built in a single-pipe version with a side escape tunnel. More than 600 meters of tunnel pipes have already been excavated there.

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