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Ninth Bangkok Water Supply Tunnel – TERRATEC Delivered Three EPBMS

TERRATEC EPBMS for Ninth Bangkok Water Supply Tunnel

In order to advancing the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority’s Ninth Bangkok Water Supply Improvement project in Thailand, totally three new TERRATEC TBMs will be used.

Being celebrated by online attendance online of representatives from Bangkok’s Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) and contractor Italian Thai-Nawarat Joint Venture, the Factory Acceptance Tests of TERRATEC’s two new 4.39m diameter Earth Pressure Balance Tunnel Boring Machines (EPBMs) and one 4.8m diameter EPBM destined for the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority’s Ninth Bangkok Water Supply Improvement project in Thailand was done successfully.

The construction process of a water tunnel at the west of Bangkok with a total length of 9.1 km with tight alignments, will be up to these new TBMs. While this project is a joint venture between ItalianThai (ITD) and Nawarat (NWR), ITD is due to operate two TBMs (S105 & S106) and NWR will operate one TBM (S102).

As 6th, 7th and 8th tight radius machines by TERRATEC operating in Thailand, in order to accommodating the alignment requirements of the project, the TERRATEC machines are designed with active-type articulation that can accommodate the minimum radius curve of 90m and 80m.

Considering existence of silty clayey sand, very stiff clay to hard clay in the geological conditions along the tunnel alignments, the TBM’s soft ground cutterhead features a spoke design with a 70% opening ratio and copy cutters.

Traditionally reinforced, 250mm thick by 1200m wide, Universal reinforced concrete segments (4 + 1) is going to be installed as the machine advances and a secondary steel lining will be inserted after the completion of the tunnel.

Also the battery locomotives are slated to remove muck, segment transport and supply of consumables via rail-bound equipment.

The Ninth Bangkok Water supply improvement project, which has been designed to enhancing the water supply capacity, is one of a series of tunneling projects being undertaken by the MEA, whereas

responding to increased water demands, reduce water leakage and improve water quality in the Thai capital are the other advantages of this project.

TERRATEC EPBM for Ninth Bangkok Water Supply Tunnel

Additionally, TERRATEC’s highly-experienced Field Service staff are due to assist machine operation at all times and present quality after-sales support to ensure optimum performance and successful project completion.

Considering the successful factory acceptance tests, the machines are currently going to be shipped to Thailand and are expected to arrive at the end of 2022. The TBMs will then be transported to the project site with excavation due to commence early next year.

For further information, please visit their website.

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