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New Aerial Photos of Constructing the Tunnel Under Świną

Swina Tunnel Construction Site

In order to be informed about the progress of the works on Wolin and Uznam islands, the photo gallery taken on the Świną Tunnel Project’s construction site from the drone’s perspective has been revealed.

While the cleaning and maintenance works are still undergoing on Wolin Island, the interim ramp is also being disassembled. Additionally, the construction process of the starting chamber on the island of Usedom, the gable pressure wall, and the staircase, as well as the shafts and supports for the intermediate ceiling are continuing at the entrance to the TBM tunnel. The freezing of the ground during the construction of emergency exits has also commenced, whereas on the ramp and in the tunnel made with the ceiling method, a drainage system is installed for the road at the sewers and technological sewers.

The process of dismantling and transferring the elements of the Scrubber Separation Station (STP) system from the construction site is done. Comprising of elements for the U-type road plate and filigree, as well as ceiling tiles, the production of prefabricated elements for internal structures in the tunnel has finished. Road works, including paving works, are continued.

Please check their website to find more information on Świną Tunnel Project.

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