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New Achievements in the Vaere Tunnel

Breakthrough in the Vaere tunnel

Following 398 explosions and 550,000 t of rock blasted out, Nye Veier and Acciona have driven through the new tube of the 1625 m Vaere tunnel on the E6 from Ranheim to Værnes. Commencing works on the tunnel’s infrastructure, such as surface water pipes, electrical work, safety work and road construction are the current programs, while safety inspections and tests are due to be conducted before road users can drive through the new tunnel and the determined date for completing these inspections is the end of 2023.

E6 Ranheim Værnes motorway

In the future summer breakthrough of the two remaining tunnels will be done. Comprising of a 3 twin-tube tunnels Være (1.6 km), Stavsjøfjell (1.7 km) and Hell (3.8 km); 5 new two-level intersections; 3 new highway bridges and several new transition bridges and culverts. The E6 Ranheim-Værnes will be a 23 km four-lane motorway with middle sections.

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