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Lyon-Turin base Tunnel – Using Spoil of the Project for Above Ground Works

Lyon-Turin base Tunnel Project - Effiage Rail

In order to deliver the €189.5M (£167M) of above-ground works for a new transport hub in France, the dug material from the Lyon to Turin high-speed rail project’s base tunnel is due to be reused by Eiffage.

Connecting the Susa in Piedmont, Italy, and Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne in Savoy, France, with a 65km rail link, the base tunnel forms part of Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin (TELT)’s Turin to Lyon high-speed rail project.

As it is planning to be one of the longest railway tunnels in the world, almost 57.5km of the line is being built beneath the ground in the Mont-Cenis twin bored base tunnel, which runs under the Alps between France and Italy.

Advancing the works associated with a transport hub on the French exit of the base tunnel, has been granted to the Eiffage’s subsidiaries Eiffage Génie Civil and Eiffage Rail with a €189.5M (£167M) contract.

Also the connection of the existing railway network in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne to the Mont Cenis base tunnel, will be enabled by interconnection of the Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne railway, which is a transport hub with a new train station.

As project owner under an agreement with TELT, accompanied by Systra as project manager, the French railway company SNCF Réseau concluded this contract.

Work will include the construction of 1.5M.m³ of railway embankments which will be backfilled using material excavated from the Lyon-Turin tunnel.

Additionally, construction of 10.5km of retaining walls between 2m and 13.5m high, two viaduct-style rail bridges crossing the river Arvan as well as two rail underpass bridges as part of repairs to the RD906 road, will be the major works of Eiffage.

Work will also include the installation of 8km of noise barriers with an average height of 4.5m, several hydraulic structures and 1,700m of passenger platforms and access hoppers.

Including the gaps in between to change over between rail infrastructure construction and tracks development, signals and overhead contact lines works, and to switch traffic between different configurations, this project have four phases and the date of commencing the process was February 2023.

Recording significant progress in construction of the Lyon-Turin base tunnel, the first 10.5km of the Lyon-Turin base tunnel was completed in April 2022 with a breakthrough at Saint-Martin-la-Port, following around seven years of tunneling.

With a total value of £2.58bn (€3bn), leading the tunneling works across three contracts is up to Eiffage, Vinci and Implenia.

Also spring 2032 is scheduled date for final completion of the Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne rail hub.

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