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Liguria, Italy: The Ultimate Project of the Fontanabuona Tunnel

Valfontanabuona Tunnel Projetc Illustration

Autostrade per l’Italia presented the final design of the Val Fontanabuona Tunnel project on 19 April 2022. This 230 million Euro project comprises a new junction on the A12 motorway and a 5.6 km long ramp, mostly underground, with two tunnels to link the Tigullio coast with its hinterland at Moconesi.

The Valfontanabuona tunnel is a section of the Restructuring Agreement concluded on 14 October 2021 among the Liguria Region, Genoa City Council, the Western Ligurian Sea Port System Authority, Autostrade per l’Italia and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, in which Aspi has undertaken to carry out, among other things, projects worth EUR 930 million in the area: EUR 700 million for the Genoa sub-port tunnel and EUR 230 million to connect the A12 motorway with the Val Fontanabuona.

The construction of a complete junction with the A12 motorway between the available Giovanni Maggio and Casalino tunnels, with on/off ramps in the direction of both Genoa and Livorno is the other part of this project.

Extended mainly underground through the construction of the Caravaggio and Fontanabuona tunnels with lengths of 2093 and 2583 m respectively, a ramp with almost 5.6 km length will be the real connection between the Ligurian coast and the Fontanabuona Valley.

Additionally, construction of a toll barrier in the final section, near the junction with provincial road SP22 is another plan, while the project estimates the upgrading of the SP22 between the intersection with the main ramp and the SP225 in correspondence with the village of Moconesi. Two roundabouts will be built at the two intersections and a new bridge will be constructed to cross the Lavagna stream. The works, which are estimated to last about 5 years depending on the solutions adopted, can start as soon as the necessary administrative steps are completed.

The design documentation (Final Project including Environmental Impact Study) that includes the Guidelines for the examination of projects issued by the Superior Council of Public Works, has been sent to MIMS by Aspi on 03/04/2022, whereas on 31 March 2022 the request has been submitted, in order to commence the Environmental Impact Assessment procedure, sending the updated Environmental Impact Study to MIMS. The executive design with the relevant in-depth geognostic investigations has been assigned and is underway.

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