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Construction Restarts for Bolivian Tunnel Link

Incahuasi Tunnel Construction Site

Construction work is resuming for Bolivia’s significant Incahuasi Tunnel project. Contratos Mineros e Inversiones will carry out the work. Yet, an extra 270m of the tunnel has to be constructed. Financial problems have delayed the construction of the link, located at an altitude of 1,300m. Problems with higher-than-expected levels of groundwater in the sandstone did cause technical challenges for the tunnel boring work.

The Incachuasi tunnel includes part of the 96km Monteagudo-Ipati highway project. The Incahuasi Tunnel alignment measures 1,260m in length.

The tunnel is located in Bolivia’s southern region and constitutes part of the Integration Corridor Diagonal Jaime Mendoza. The Machacamarquita – Sucre – Hito Villazon Road connection has importance for Bolivia as it links to the border with Paraguay.

Also, the tunnel has economic importance for Bolivia as the way will assist with speeding up the transit of heavy and light vehicles from the highlands toward the valleys and plains. The project will provide a new transport corridor to the borders with Paraguay and Argentina, intending to boost trade to and from Bolivia.

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