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Completing the Connection of Sydney’s Two Old and New Metro Lines

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With approximate completion of the work to link Sydney’s newest metro line with the existing Metro North West Line at Chatswood a big step forward in bringing the project to life was done.

Two track with a 50-meter length that is going to join the twin 15.5-kilometer tunnels of the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project with the existing Metro North West Line to Tallawong, during a single weekend was removed, realigned, and rebuilt by a team of over 100 workers.

Initially, the team had to cut the rails and dig new paths among the Metro North West Line and the tunnels at Chatswood, while after preparing the ground and laying 200 tons of ballast, the crew installed 170 sleepers and clipped on 12 tons of steel rails to construct the track.

Due to advancing the works 24hr all days long, the construction team finished the mammoth weekend job in time in order to begin the normal Sydney Trains and Metro North West services at dawn on Monday.

Developing the project from Chatswood, beneath Sydney Harbour and the CBD, and beyond to Bankstown, will be the main benefit of the connection between the Metro North West Line and the new Sydney Metro City & Southwest project.

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