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Change in Appearance of One of the World’s Oldest Railway Tunnels

Rochdale and Hebden Bridge Summit Tunnel

In order to provide a more trusty situation for passengers one of the world’s oldest railway tunnels, which has been constructed from 1838 to 1841 as a section of the Manchester and Leeds railway line, has processed a facelift this coming autumn.

Revising process of the 180-year-old Summit Tunnel that is linking Rochdale and Hebden Bridge, has been implemented by Network Rail. Replacing 3km of tracks throughout the tunnel between 23 to 31 October was a part of this upgrade, which caused the railway to nine days close.

Intentions of the Great North Rail Project with £2M investment are improving the service for passengers, presenting better connectivity, and providing passengers with an increasing reliable service.

Additionally, creating correct conditions to act as one of the biggest flood alleviation schemes in the north of England and protecting the local community from the risk of flooding, besides providing an improved service is another advantage of the tunnel’s upgrade.

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