Robofactory for Tunneling: New Invention in the Segment Factory with Zero People

Robofactory Factory

Including the prefabrication of segments in mechanized excavation, the displacement of infrastructures in the underground and a phase of technological revolution causes exponential growth in the tunneling world.

In this context, the joint venture between CP Technology and Digitalnology gave birth to Robofactory, which is a segment factory with zero people. (ZPIP – Zero People in Precast)

According to Klaus Giorgio Pini, CEO of CP Technology, a rapidly growing company specialized in the tunneling equipment sector: “For years we have been bringing to the market automation solutions aimed at improving the efficiency, quality, and safety of segment prefabrication plants. With the introduction of robots in our plants, we realized that it is possible to build a completely autonomous production plant by 2028, without personnel on the working line.”

In order to construct one of the longest tunnels under construction in the UK for a potassium mine, since 2019 the first version of a highly automated CP Technology plant, also based on the use of robots, has been launched in the UK. However, it is in 2023, as a result of this JV, will now see 3 more Robofactories, which have provided the opportunity for further automation using robotics for the benefit of a further reduction in personnel, decreasing from 9 to 6 person. Involving screwing, unscrewing, cleaning, and greasing, the robotic activities are concentrating on the areas that are the most critical operationally and also physically for the employee. The systems are also designed to bring atmospheric emissions to zero and reduce assembly times and costs by around 40%, also thinking about their future reuse thanks to technical solutions which simplify the connections.

“The Robofactory is a modern factory concept that combines the principles of productive and energetic efficiency, safety, and high quality of the product. In order to support our customers over the long term, we also created a RoboAcademy where we train young mechatronics so that they are able to program, manage and maintain robots for the plants of the future,” says Giuliano Faini, CEO of Digitalnology, a company specialized in the digitization of the infrastructure sector.

Robofactory Mechanics

For more details, you can access to below contacts:

  • Klaus Giorgio Pini – 3356282751
    Via Como 3/5 Nova Milanese (MB) 20834 – Italy
    VAT number 07454270963
    – Tel: +39 03.62285431
  • Giuliano Faini – 3483103905
    Via Como 3/5 Nova Milanese (MB) 20834 – Italy
    VAT number 10877900968
    – Tel: +39 02.6172911

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