Normet Brought New Technologies for Concrete Spraying to the Market

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Normet has launched its SmartScan, the sprayed concrete layer thickness control system, in 2019. The SmartScan has the purpose at all underground sprayed concrete applications to deliver reliable and accurate sprayed concrete layer thickness information for the sprayer operator, and fast and easy reporting for management aims.

The company is famous for its way of working closely with the end-users to develop the product and solutions offered. Moreover, the features and functionalities of the SmartScan system have been engineered in cooperation with the tunneling and mining companies.

As the next phase of development, Normet has revealed that SmartScan is going to be capable of making georeferenced point clouds and layer thickness maps straight out of the system with the introduction of SmartScan Align.

“Many of our customers have been requesting this feature when they have seen the potential that the SmartScan has in advanced reporting, as-built in the documentation and BIM modeling” stated the Director Underground Process Excellence from Normet, Panu Oikkonen.

He also asserted: “SmartScan Align is available throughout our sprayer fleet and with it, our customers can georeference the scan results and thickness maps in any coordinate system of their choice.”

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