HyperTunnel Selected as Top 50 Contech Startup of 2021

HyperTunnel Winner Banner

HyperTunnel is excited to be in Top 50 Contech Startup of 2021, by CEMEX Ventures, the organization behind the recent Construction Startup Competition 2021 where HyperTunnel was among 10 winning firms selected from hundreds of pioneering entrants worldwide.

Launched in 2017, CEMEX Ventures focuses on addressing the evolving pain points across the construction industry, bringing to life sustainable solutions. It arranged its list of top 50 construction technology startups from “the hottest list in our industry” and “showcases the most promising startups for the coming year. Each one delivers an innovative, groundbreaking, and revolutionary solution for the Contech ecosystem.”

The Co-CEO of HyperTunnel, Steve Jordan, mentioned: “Just when we thought 2021 couldn’t get any more exciting for HyperTunnel, we receive this accolade from a group of people that really knows its stuff. We are delighted to have such a third-party endorsement, which will surely fast-track attention in the HyperTunnel approach from new customers, partners and investors.”

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