CRCHI Develops World’s First Continuous Belt Conveyor

World’s First Continuous Belt Conveyor Built by CRCHI

Using a turn on the spiral curve slope, China’s CRCHI has manufactured the world’s first continuous belt conveyor.

Being tested successfully, this conveyor belt was created for the Beishan Tunnel project, which is a spiral excavation tunnel with 7.5km length, on a 10% gradient downhill excavation, with a horizontal 250m radius turn and a vertical 430m radius turn. The horizontal turning angle reaches 720 degrees, and the total lifting height is 560m.

According to CRCHI: “The working conditions are very complex, and there are no similar cases in domestic and foreign projects. Existing continuous belt conveyors are generally arranged in a straight line, which cannot meet the working conditions of the project and poses a great challenge to the research and development of continuous belt conveyors.”

Producing over than 100 sets of long-distance tunnel belt conveyors totaling more than 400km, CRCHI has manufactured belt conveyors for nearly 15 years.

In accordance with CRCHI’s claim another advantage of this new belt is providing of the need for continuous muck discharge in small-turn tunnels on a spiral curve slope.

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