The Akron Waterways Renewed Project

Two massive tunnels, as a part of The Akron Waterways Renewed Project, will contaminate and provide a solution for about 1.1 billion gallons of combined sewer overflow of the Cuyahoga River.

U.S. District Judge John R. Adams passed the resolution in 2014 to prevent the release of contaminated water into the Ohio & Erie Canal or Little Cuyahoga River.

As the first Robbins Crossover TBM 9.26m in diameter break through the Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel in August 2018, the second project Northside Interceptor Tunnel estimated 253 Million Dollars would soon begin. The second sewer line will run through North Hill, joining east to the west section.

Chris Ludle, Public Service Director, claimed: “Now that the Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel is complete, the next big project is North Hill, which in our consent decree is a [20- to] 24-foot diameter tunnel.”
Akron older sewer system, constructed over 100 years ago, failed during heavy downpours. Therefore, Mayor Dan Horrigan initiated The Akron Waterways Renewed Project to increase sewer infrastructure capacity and better operate under high flow conditions, mainly during rainstorms.
Source: Tunnel Talk

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