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North East Link in Melbourne – New Breakthroughs

North East Link Corridor Options

Considering that the TBMs will be commissioned from near Lenola Street, Watsonia, for the North East Link, which is the missing link in Melbourne’s freeway network, significant progress was done in excavation process of this area. The date of arrival of TBMs in Australia is later this year, whereas they are due to be transported from the Port of Melbourne to the site in segments. Before being lowered by a gantry crane (over 30m high) in the launch box and launched, they will be assembled on a temporary platform (cradle) on site and the time duration of their assembly will be almost 6 months. The daily performance of these 2 TBMs that are going to work 24/7 will be up to 15m. The determined date for major excavation and tunneling is from 2024 to 2026.

Currently the construction of the TBM launch area foundation in Watsonia is completed and digging process of the box is undergoing.

Additionally, two big storage sheds are now taking shape on both sides of Greensborough Road, while the shed on the corner of Yallambie and Greensborough roads will house the pre-cast concrete segments that the TBMs install during their way, ensuring the tunnel is supported and watertight. The TBM will install around 125 pre-cast concrete segments each day as it makes its way south.

With 140m length, 80m width and 18m high, Winsor Reserve acoustic shed is located at Winsor Reserve, Macleod and it is the place of storing the dirt and rock that is going to be resulted due to the excavation of the TBMs in 2024, this muck will come to the surface on a continuous enclosed conveyor belt and the conveyor is slated to carry it over Greensborough Road to this shed. While building of the acoustic shed is ongoing, the dirt and rock that is removed during tunneling will be safely loaded on to covered trucks and moved offsite.

Lower Plenty Road interchange_ In order to forming the foundation of the ramps and tunnels for the new Lower Plenty Road interchange, construction of the diaphragm walls is continuing. A large area will be excavated to build the structures, then covered over and returned as parkland for the community.

Locating the northern tunnel ventilation structure near Blamey Road in Yallambie, as well as preparing the site for construction of the ventilation shaft to connect the tunnels underground to the ventilation facility, will be the future works at Yallambie.

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