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Strata Worldwide Celebrates 30 Years in Business

Strata Worldwide 30 Years Celebration

Strata Worldwide‘s 30 years in business celebrating was done in January 30, 2023. Developing and supplying products and technologies that are designed and built for the rugged, highly mobile working environments found in mining, tunneling, as well as maritime ports, are the field of activity of this company for decades that has been founded in 1992.

Being stretched from global headquarters in Georgia, USA, to offices and manufacturing facilities throughout North America, South Africa, Europe and Australia, Strata has built upon a product portfolio that includes the best in proximity detection and collision avoidance technologies, a choice selection of underground communication and data networks, emergency refuge solutions and a range of ground control and roof support products. Also, following three decades of success in mining, the company has brought their leading-edge technologies to underground tunneling operations as well as above-ground environments such as marine port facilities.

According to Mike Berube, Strata Worldwide CEO: “As we celebrate this milestone, it’s important to acknowledge that we have achieved this success through the hard work, passion, and dedication of our team members. We employ the best in the industry around the world, and we’re proud of the important work they’re doing in the development and implementation of life-saving technologies.”

He also added: “Strata is a world leader in response and prevention in hazardous working conditions, above and below ground. Our innovation, technology, and people have all focused on what matters most, a safe and productive working environment.”

“Strata is also committed to supporting the collective efforts of underground companies and organizations, to promote the industries and their achievements and attract new and diverse talent,” continued Berube.

OutRide, which is an organization that works with schools across the United States to create cycling programs for kids, is Strata’s current year’s sponsor relationship, whereas its mission is to harness the benefits of cycling for the cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical well-being of youth and cultivate inclusive cycling communities.

Supporting multiple programs such as research, school programs and individual athletes, Strata and OutRide are due to sponsor an amazing young man named Jack, who lost his leg to cancer as a young boy but never gave up riding. He is looking forward to his first full season as an athlete with OutRide, competing in NICA, cross-country mountain biking, and gravel bike racing.

In order to visiting a new website built in dedication to its 30-year anniversary celebration please click here.

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